Selling at Auctions

Auctions have long been the best way to establish the value of unique and rare items.  At Bruhns Auction Gallery, we use both in house bidding and concurrent live auctions to introduce your item to a world wide audience.

Consign your items with Bruhns Auction Gallery:

If you are looking to sell fine art, antiques, jewelry, silver, paintings or other valuable property we may be of service.  We can also auction real Estate if desired.

To auction your items we request photos and descriptions if possible.  Photos may be sent by email to  Photos may be mailed to:  Bruhns Auction Gallery, 50 W. Arizona Ave. Denver, CO 80223.   You may also call to make an appointment to meet with us at our gallery.

With this information we can determine what items you have to auction and the best possible auction to sell these items.

Prior to the Auction we will determine an auction value of your items, photograph and lot them in our auction catalogs.

Seller Commission Rates:

Please contact the gallery for details and for auction expenses.

Bruhns Auction Gallery bears normal costs of advertising and promotions.  In some cases, there are additional costs for set ups,  advertising and promotions.  We can discuss this in detail and will plan a specific auction and advertising campaign for your needs.

Museums, Trusts and Estates:

We are experienced in dealing with non-profits and museums.  We offer confidential and professional assistance to museums helping acquire and de-acession collections.

We offer services to Trusts and Estates executors and beneficiaries throughout the United States for the valuation and disposition of personal property assets.  Please contact us to make an appointment to visit with you and discuss your options for auctions.

During the Auction:

Our skilled professional auctioneers maintain a lively pace to sell your items.

The auctioneer initiates the sale of each lot by briefly describing the item and then starting the bidding at a price that is lower than its reserve. The auctioneer acknowledges every bidder, whether they are in the saleroom, bidding thru Live Auctioneers or over the telephone. They also place bids on behalf of absentee bidders. The auctioneer, whose authority is final, determines when the highest bid has been made and declares the lot sold.

How does bidding work?

After the auctioneer starts the bidding, the auctioneers will accept incrementally higher bids until a sole bidder remains. This final bidder purchases the lot.

After your items have been successfully sold and paid for:

Payment is made by check after the auction, assuming we have received full payment from the buyer.  We will also send you a statement detailing the sales price, commission and other charges that have been incurred.  These charges are deducted from your settlement check.

Auction Estimate Request

Start the consignment process by filling out the form and uploading a photo of your item.
  • Please include all that apply: Approx. age, maker, artist, size, etc.

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